Airstack Announces $4M Seed Financing

Farcon - Venice, CA - May 2, 2024

Airstack, the Farcaster SocialFi company, announced $4M in Seed Financing today at Farcon, the annual conference for the Farcaster community. 

The new round was led by Red Beard Ventures with Superlayer, Polymorphic, Superscrypt, HashedEM, Delta Blockchain Fund, CSP DAO, Primal Capital, Kyber, NGC, Resolute Ventures, Will Holt, Jeff Gann, Allen Day, Eddie Lou, Justin Soh, and Fibo. Airstack had previously raised a $3.9M pre-seed II in 2023 and a $3.85M pre-seed I in 2022. 

Airstack is leading the Social Finance movement on Farcaster. We provide products and developer tools that empower and reward creators and developers, and help them earn.

Some highlights:

  • 40,000 Farcaster users have earned ‚ÄúNot A Token‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Airstack points that reward:

    • quality Farcaster content creation using Airstack‚Äôs innovative Social Capital Value which measures influence within the Farcaster network

    • quality Farcaster Frame development, measured by unique users

    • quality Farcaster app development  

    • users who transact in and share Airstack‚Äôs Trending Swaps Frames. 

  • $3M was transacted by Farcasters in Airstack‚Äôs Trending Swaps Frames in April, 2024

  • More than 1000 development teams build with Airstack‚Äôs industry leading tools for Farcaster and onchain composability, including Coinbase Wallet, OnceUpon, XMTP, Drakula, Karma3, Degen Chain, Cropsxyz, and many more.

  • Airstack had more than 10B API credits consumed for its products in April 2024, up from 4B in March and 1.5B in February.

  • Airstack‚Äôs new homepage is the Onchain App store, showcasing:

    • Trending Casts

    • Trending Tokens

    • Trending Mints

    • Not A Token earnings

Airstack is pursuing a massive vision to power onchain Social Finance and Farcaster is our community.

We are immensely humbled by and thankful for the opportunity and support the Farcaster community and our financial investors have instilled in us.

We promise to serve you proudly.

I personally extend a huge thank you to my co-founders Deepesh, Sarvesh, and Ignas and to the entire team of Airstack builders. You are the best of the best of the best and it's my honor to build with you.

Onward and upwards, and see you on Farcaster!

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