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Base is now live on Airstack!

New chain, new features, new opportunities for growth

Airstack 🤝 Base

We’re thrilled to announce that Airstack has added support for Base - a leading Layer 2 superchain built on the Optimism stack incubated by Coinbase with the goal of bringing the next billion users onchain.

Since launching in August, Base has seen rapid growth and incredible adoption with viral activations like and most recently in Miami for Art Basel with, and we're so excited to bring these activations and more to builders across the globe.

Base Hunt went viral in Miami with over 6500 mints - and over 70% of owners with XMTP enabled!

With this release, Airstack extends its industry leading coverage of the onchain data most requested by developers through our Explorer, API, and AI Studio.


For the first time ever, builders and onchain enthusiasts will be able to search the Base blockchain with natural language using Airstack’s cutting-edge AI assistant to uncover new insights into user behavior, NFT ownership, and onchain identity.

NFT Collections, onchain socials, XMTP, ENS, and more are all available by simply typing in a short sentence or phrase to describe what you're looking for, then watch our LLM build any crosschain query you need and return a single response.

Find holders of NFTs like Bridge to Base and their onchain social accounts with just a few words and a click

This AI tooling is a massive time saver for any builder looking to ship quickly, and we couldn't be happier to add Base to the composable dataset queryable through the assistant.

Onchain never felt so composable

There's no way around it - composability is hard. Infrastructure is monetarily expensive and time consuming to run, completely locking out smaller teams from being able to access crosschain data and damaging enterprise team's bottom lines.

Thankfully Airstack is here to help. With the addition of Base, builders can now access the entire Ethereum ecosystem with a single query and response, bypassing the brutal costs of attempting to go-it-alone.

For Paragraph creators specifically, this integration unlocks new possibilities for audience connection like finding your collectors on Base so you can follow them on Farcaster and Lens - or take it a step further and see who's available via XMTP so you can shoot them a year end thank you note for their support!

Find Paragraph collectors on Base alongside Onchain Socials, XMTP, and more

Airstack is the industry leader for access to onchain social identifiers, and we've built in this direction specifically because we believe in the power of onchain connections. We're so excited to bring creators closer to their communities, and communities closer together as well.

Onchain (Graph) is the new Online (Graph)

Base has now also been added to the Airstack “Onchain Graph” – enabling builders to magically surface friend lists and recommendations as soon as a wallet is connected without any manual input. Over and over again we've seen that this is truly a "wow!" moment for the newly onboarded, and now it's even better with Base.

We've already seen a number of projects like begin to build these features into their apps, and we can't wait to see what new friends emerge from the blockchain now that Base is integrated for even more robust recommendations.

No mess, no fuss, just friends from

It's features like these that we're most proud of at Airstack. Ones which allow builders to create products which truly feel 10x+ better than apps from the previous generation and bring us one giant step closer to bringing the next billion users on chain.

Airstack + Base = Growth

The possibilities for features that spur growth and increase user retention really are endless with Base, but here are a few of our favorites for inspiration:

  • Integrate Base into the Onchain Graph to create friends list for users, then enable 1-click invites through XMTP to supercharge user acquisition and breeze past the cold start problem

  • Check for ERC20 tokens like USDC across multiple chains (including Base!) for friendly reminders in wallet and DeFi apps that users are missing out on yield - pain point revealed, pain point solved.

  • Cross reference NFTs from Base and elsewhere in the Ethereum ecosystem with POAP owners to send timely recommendations for local events and conferences

Looking for even more inspo? Check out this use case mega-thread we dropped on Twitter:

Thanks for reading! As always, there's so much more to come so subscribe below for more updates from Airstack and give the new Base integration a shot at

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