🚀 New for Farcaster: Social Capital Scores, Frame Analytics, Reactions & Replies, Pricing Update

Airstack Product Update, May 10

Social Capital Scores

Airstack APIs now include Social Capital Scores for every user.  Learn more in Jason’s cast.

Each Farcaster user is assigned a Social Capital Score (SCS), which quantifies their positive impact on the platform. You can use the SCS to prioritize users in various feeds and lists, determining eligibility, and numerous other use cases. We’re excited to see how you make use of it! 

Here's a simple query to look up any user's Social Capital Score.

Free Farcaster Frame Analytics

Airsack now provides FREE Frames Analytics for Farcaster Developers.

It’s super simple to get started with Airstack’s analytics for your frames:

  • Use the free Airstack Frames Validator API 

  • Earn 100 Not A Token for every FID that uses your frames

  • Get free frames analytics. Learn more here

Reaction & Replies APIS

We have enhanced our current composable Farcaster Cast APIS with a new set of APIs for Reactions, Replies, Quoted Recasts. You can now build fully custom Farcasater feeds based on your needs.

Pricing Updates

Two pricing updates to announce:

  1. We are committed to making Farcaster APIs as free as possible. To that end, we just cut pricing for FC base-level data APIs by 90%

  2. We now have entry-level plans available for pre-PMF projects & anyone else who wants to lock in a rate + volume discount vs. pay-as-you-go

API Status Page

We also launched a live status page with the latest status and history for all of our key services.

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