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Zora Composability APIs are now live on Airstack!

Zora Composability APIs - for the first time ever

Airstack Zora

We’re thrilled to announce that Airstack has launched Zora Composability APIs!

Zora saw incredible adoption in 2023 with over 4 million NFTs minted, more than $300 million in secondary sales, and almost 1 million unique collectors. Clearly the Optimism superchain's mission to make creating on the internet free and valuable is resonating - and we couldn't be more excited to bring the chain into the composable fold.

Zora the (composable) explorer!

For the first time ever, the Zora blockchain is easily composable with a single API query and response alongside Farcaster, ENS, Base, Ethereum, POAP, XMTP, Lens, Polygon and more.

No backend, no spreadsheets, just transparent onchain data available via blazing fast APIs.

Furthermore, Zora is now integrated into Airstack's world class LLM to help developers ship with unparalleled speed. In another world first, Airstack users can now use our AI assistant to translate natural language into GraphQL queries massively speeding up development times for the features that customers love.

Airstack's AI fetching Zora NFT holders on a specific date

Activate, Engage, and Grow!

As with every new addition to the Airstack platform, Zora Composability APIs open up a massive world of opportunities to grow and engage users, such as:

  • Recommend mints, articles, and more for users based on what’s trending across all of web3 - now including Zora

  • Display Zora mint activity feeds filtered by follows on Farcaster and Lens

  • Have an even more accurate portable web3 address book for XMTP by including Zora in the onchain graph

  • Track Paragraph collector activation and churn in using time series snapshots

  • Find where your Zora audience is active on other chains for relevant messaging

Here's a demo of how you can find your Paragraph collectors on Zora using our Explorer, then filter for Farcaster users who also have XMTP, then jump right to the query in our Studio for app integration. Perfect for enabling creators to reach targeted audience segments with personalized content and build connected communities.

Find composable details on any Zora NFT - just grab the address!

Build now - get $100 in credits!

So - if you've been waiting to try out Airstack - now's the time! It's your last day to grab $100 in free API credits. Just head to and login with your wallet that has an ENS, Farcaster, or Lens to claim your credits unleash the incredible potential of composable Zora data.

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