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Unveiling Airstack's Onchain Graph

Say hello to your web3 address book

The hype is real - we’re officially launching the Airstack Paragraph alongside the release of our brand new Onchain Graph tool: your passport to unlocking the true potential of Web3's social and identity landscape.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so if you believe in the web3 revolution and want to build something remarkable, you're in the right place.

Let's talk about the magic this new tool can bring to your web3 applications.

Composable Contacts

Imagine having a web3 address book, a portal to the very essence of your onchain existence. The Onchain Graph is just that - your key to understanding the social interactions, connections, and behaviors that shape your web3 identity. It's your compass in a decentralized world, where connections mean everything.

With the Onchain Graph, you can uncover patterns, trends, and connections that were previously hidden in the digital ether. For developers, this is a treasure trove of insights to integrate in any application. For users, it's a brilliant window into what a web3 identity can be.

Click View Onchain Graph below to see an example for my (dawufi's) identity, then drop your own address, ENS, lens handle, or Farcaster ID in to see your own. Once you've got a feel for it, swing back here and we'll dig into how you can use this to supercharge your own project.

Application Superpowers

You’ll often hear me say that Airstack grants superpowers to builders - and the Onchain Graph is exactly what I'm talking about. So, what exactly do we have here to use today?

  1. Address Book Visualization: The Onchain Graph gives you a dynamic, visual representation of on and offchain data, helping you understand relationship vectors in real time. Think of it as your web3 address book, revealing connections, interactions, and patterns that shape your digital identity.

    dawufi.eth's top connections for the standard algorithm weights
  2. UX Upgrade Unlock: The Onchain Graph offers incredible UX improvement through composing user identities and connection recommendations. Use it to kill the cold start problem and supercharge user adoption for any application.

  3. Complete Customization: With the Onchain Graph, you can tailor scoring and sorting parameters to your specific needs. Adjust weighting for tokens, social protocols, and NFTs as you see fit to surface the perfect recommendations for your users.

If you're a developer, visionary, or simply someone who believes that the social and identity aspects of web3 are its core essence, this is your call to action. It's your chance to be part of a revolution that transcends technology and embodies human connection in the decentralized future - all at your fingertips without any infrastructure headaches thanks to Airstack.

Time to build

I'd like to sign off with a thanks to the entire Airstack team who helped put this together. Monumental effort, monumental results - incredible job everyone.

For any developer interested in learning more about what you can build using this tool and how to use it for your own project, check out our docs below where Airstack Dev Rel Lead Yoseph has put together some examples which you can get started with today. All you'll need is a (free!) Airstack account, and some basic knowledge of GraphQL.

Click here to find the Airstack Docs and start building!

Finally, make sure to follow Airstack on Lens, Farcaster, and Twitter for regular updates, hop into the telegram dev support chat with any questions you might have on integrating Airstack, and if you're a fan of this article we always appreciate folks who subscribe/share using the buttons below.



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